Do more with your ViViPAY card

Prepaid card and benefits

Accepted in physical establishments and in online stores, the ViViPAY card comes to bring many benefits to you and your family.

ViViPAY card details

With it you can shop at any establishment that accepts the MASTERCARD flag. You can also make purchases on the internet, withdraw at the ATMs and make many kinds of payments through our application.

  • Valid in all Brazil States;
  • We have the MASTERCARD flag as a partner;
  • The withdrawals are made at any ATM in the 24h network;
  • Accepted in physical establishments and in online purchases;
  • No surprises with invoices and additional bills;
  • Full management of your spendings through the ViViWallet App;
  • No need to have a bank account.

Our Rates

Adherense Monthly Annuity Card function Credit inquiries
R$24,90 R$22,90 R$0,00 Prepaid / Credit It is not necessary

Do you have any doubts about the prices?

Adherense fee?

This amount is only reversed for the making and issuing of the card for you to receive in the comfort of your home.

Monthly fee?

This monthly payment guarantees you the right to our many benefits. There is no maintenance fee. Check out our benefits page and stay aligned.

You really don't have an annual fee?

That’s right! We do not have annuity fee, in fact annuity for us is like a birthday, to celebrate for another year together ;).

Will they check my CPF or my credit score?

It is not necessary. We believe in social equality and we want to treat everyone in the same way.